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The UK’s first youth news service built purely for the digital generation. News isn’t boring – Millions of viewers agree with us!

We’re proud winners of the Royal Television Society Award for Digital Innovation. We’ve also been nominated for a British Journalism Award for our work. We’re committed to delivering the best news for young viewers.  Our content is designed exclusively for the social platforms where younger viewers spend their time.

The Problem

Fewer teenagers and young people are watching TV News than ever before.  More than 40 % of young people think the news is boring.*  The grammar of TV news hasn’t evolved in more than 50 years. Viewers are demanding more but are being let down by the major broadcasters.


Young people deeply care about the issues that affect them and want to be informed with news content they can trust.

And so

We created NEED TO KNOW to fill the void. A news service that is impartial, balanced and which follows the highest editorial standards.  Our pioneering journalism has millions of views and is already a trusted source for journalistic content for young people in the UK.

Impartial news

We follow the Ofcom Broadcasting Code – the gold standard for impartiality and balance. We’re proud to be the first digital only youth news show to do this. At a time when social media sites and platforms face the challenge of disinformation and fake news, we see it as crucial that young people can engage with a news service they can trust. 

Watch us!

Following our first award winning series on Snapchat we’re back! You can see our latest series on Youtube. 

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Warren Nettleford

If news were a rock band then Warren is our front man playing Wembley in tight shorts.  He’s an award winning TV journalist who’s tackled the biggest global news stories across Europe, Asia and the United States. He’s worked for every major UK news broadcaster (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5). Just don’t ask him about covering the Olympics in Tokyo, he just won’t stop talking about it.

News Talent

Our nimble team have worked at the highest levels of news broadcasting – grizzled hacks rubbing shoulders with emerging talent. It’s difficult to tell who’s who on some days though. N.B The man in the hat just came to visit the studio one day. He wanted a photo.

About us

NEED TO KNOW was founded by Warren Nettleford and Seth Goolnik over a bowl of pasta in an Islington restaurant. Following our initial award winning success we’re proud to be supported by the Google News Initiative for our latest series.

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*Ofcom 2020 survey of news consumption.